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Synchronizing folders with mobile devices


In Kerio Connect Client, you can select which folders will synchronize to your iCal/CalDAV/CardDAV/Exchange ActiveSync clients.

Selecting folders to synchronize

  1. In the desktop client for Windows, click Tools → Settings.

    In the desktop client for Mac, click Kerio Connect → Settings.

    In the web client, click your name → Settings

  2. Go to the Folders to Sync section.

  3. Select which folders to synchronize.

    The icon helps you identify the type of each folder (emails, contacts, tasks, notes)

  4. Click Save.

If you have subscribed to shared or public folders, they are also available in the list of folders to synchronize.

If you are a resource reservation manager, you can synchronize resource calendars as well.


If you synchronize your Kerio Connect account via Exchange ActiveSync to an iOS device, the Drafts folder will not synchronize (due to the limitations of Exchange ActiveSync and the iOS device).

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