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Encrypting messages in Kerio Connect Client


If you encrypt your messages, only message recipients can read your messages.


To encrypt messages, you must first:

To acquire another user's public certificate, ask them to send you a digitally signed message, and then reply to that message.

Encrypting messages

To encrypt messages:

  1. Compose a message.

  2. Click the Encrypt the message icon.

    If your certificate store is locked, enter your certificate store password.

  3. Send the message.


Reading encrypted messages

To read an encrypted message, click the Display button.


If your certificate store is locked, enter your certificate store password first.

Displaying encrypted messages automatically

If you do not want to click the Display button in every encrypted message you receive, Kerio Connect Client can decrypt those messages automatically.

  1. Login to Kerio Connect Client securely.

  2. In the desktop client for Windows, click Tools → Settings.

    In the desktop client for Mac, click Kerio Connect → Settings.

    In the web client, click your name → Settings.

  3. Go to the Secure Messages section.

  4. Login to your certificate store.

  5. In the Secure Messages section, select the Display decrypted messages directly option.


From now on, Kerio Connect Client displays all your messages directly.

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