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Kerio Connect Multi-Server

About Kerio Connect Multi-Server

This document relates to Kerio Connect Multi-Server 9

Kerio Connect Multi-Server is a distributed architecture solution designed for easy scalability.

All users access their Kerio Connect account through a single server address, regardless of their home server. The connection is directed to the user's server automatically.

Use Kerio Connect Multi-Server in any of the following scenarios:

  • Large on-premise installations to lower the load and improve the Kerio Connect performance

  • Distributed server environments to use a single domain and a single URL to access the mailboxes

  • Kerio Cloud Solution Partner hosting your own Kerio Connect Cloud environment to distribute users across multiple servers


Current version limitations

All architectural components of Kerio Connect Multi-Server are available and ready to use.

Note the following functional limitations:

Configuring Kerio Connect Multi-Server

The following articles describe how to install and configure Kerio Connect Multi-Server:

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