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Public folders in Kerio Connect


Public folders are folders available to all users in a domain or the whole server. You can create public folders of these types:

  • Mail

  • Calendar

  • Contacts

  • Tasks

  • Notes

You can create public folders in Kerio Connect Client or Microsoft Outlook.

To create or edit public folders, users must have appropriate admin rights for public folders assigned (see below).

Assigning administrator rights to manage public folders

  1. In the administration interface, go to Accounts → Users.

  2. Double-click a user and go to theRights tab.

  3. Select the Public folders option.

  4. Click OK.

Global vs. domain public folders

In Kerio Connect, public folders can be:

  • Unique for each domain

  • Global for all domains

Sharing in Kerio Connect Client

Users can share folders across all domains in Kerio Connect:

  • Unique public folders — Users must write the whole email address when they want to share folders with users from other domains on the server.

  • Global public folders — Kerio Connect Client automatically offers users from the other domains on the server in the sharing dialog.

Chat in Kerio Connect Client

The contacts that users can chat with depend on the public folder settings:

  • Unique public folders — You can chat only with users from your own domain

  • Global public folders — You can chat with all users from all domains on the server

Configuring public folders

To select the type of public folders:

  1. Go to the administration interface to the Configuration → Domains section.

  2. Click the Public Folders button in the right bottom corner.

  3. Select the public folder type.

  4. Click OK.


If you switch the public folder type after public folders has already been created, you must create new public folders — users will not be able to see the old ones.

Read How to change from individual public folders to global public folders and keep your existing public folder data for additional information.

Creating public folders in Kerio Connect Client

  1. Go to your Kerio Connect Client.

  2. In the left folder tree, right-click Public folders and select New Folder.

  3. Type a name for the public folder.

By default, all users from the domain can view public folders. To change the sharing rights, read article Sharing in Kerio Connect Client.

Microsoft Outlook has a similar procedure.

Viewing public folders

All public folders are automatically displayed in Kerio Connect Client and other clients.

See the following table for detailed information:

Account Email Contacts Calendar Tasks Notes
Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) YES YES YES YES YES
Kerio Outlook Connector YES YES YES YES YES
Kerio Connect Client YES YES YES YES YES
Microsoft Outlook for Mac YES YES YES YES YES
Exchange account in Apple Mail YES YES YES YES YES
IMAP (any client that supports the IMAP protocol) YES (if the client can show them) NO NO NO NO
POP3 (any client that supports the POP3 protocol) NO NO NO NO NO

Viewing public folders in individual account types

Global Address List

Kerio Connect can automatically add users to a public contacts folder which is used as an internal source of company contacts.

By default, this option is enabled. To disable it for individual users:

  1. In the administration interface, go to the Accounts → Users section.

  2. Double-click a user and clear the checkbox for the Publish in Global Address List option on the General tab.


If users are mapped from Active Directory or Apple Open Directory, the entire LDAP database synchronizes every hour automatically.

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