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Accessing Kerio Connect

What interfaces are available in Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect includes two interfaces:

  • For administrators (Kerio Connect administration)

  • For users (Kerio Connect Client)

Use the officially supported browsers to access the interfaces.

Kerio Connect Administration and Kerio Connect Client are available in several languages. The default language is the language of your browser.

Kerio Connect Client

For information about the end-user interfaces, see Accessing Kerio Connect Client.

Kerio Connect administration

For information about the administration interface, see Accessing Kerio Connect administration.

You can also manage Kerio Connect through MyKerio. See Adding Kerio Connect to MyKerio for more information.

How to log out

After you finish your work in the administration interface, log out. Disconnecting from Kerio Connect increases the security of data stored on the server.

Automatic logout

If Kerio Connect Client for web or the administration are idle for a certain time, you are automatically disconnected.

To set the period for automatic logout:

  1. In the administration interface, go to Configuration → Advanced options → Kerio Connect Client.

  2. In the Session security section, set the timeout for:

    • Session expiration is the time without any activity in an interface after which Kerio Connect ends the session.

      The timeout is reset each time user performs an action.

    • Maximum session duration is the time after which users are be logged out even if they actively use the interface.

  3. As a protection against session hijacking you can force logout after Kerio Connect user changes their IP address. Select Force logout from Kerio Connect Client....

    Do not use this option, if your ISP changes IP addresses during the connection (for example, in case of GPRS or WiFi connections).

  4. Click Apply.


These session security settings apply to both the administration interface and Kerio Connect Client for web.

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