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Performing initial configuration in Kerio Connect

About initial configuration

Before you start using Kerio Connect, you must perform an initial configuration.

The initial configuration sets the basic parameters for Kerio Connect. These include:

The wizard creates special files where the server configuration is saved.

Configuration files

During the initial configuration, the following configuration files are created:


users.cfg is an XML file with the UTF-8 coding which includes information about user accounts, groups and aliases.


mailserver.cfg is an XML file with the UTF-8 coding which contains any other parameters of Kerio Connect, such as configuration parameters of domains, back-ups, antispam filter, antivirus.

The default location of the configuration files is:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Kerio\MailServer

  • Mac: /usr/local/kerio/mailserver

  • Linux: /opt/kerio/mailserver

On Mac OS X and Linux systems, files can be maintained only if the user is logged in as the root user.

Configuring initial parameters

You can change all the settings from the initial configuration wizard later in the administration interface.

  1. Install Kerio Connect.

  2. Open the following address in your web browser:


  3. Select a language for the initial configuration wizard and click Next.


    This language is also set as a default language after the first login to the administration interface.

  4. Accept the License Agreement and click Next.

  5. Type the Internet hostname and Email domain. Click Next.


    For more information about domains, read the Domains in Kerio Connect article.

  6. Set a username and password for an administration account and click Next.


    This first administration account consumes one license, you can switch to the built-in admin account in the administration interface.

    For more information about administrator accounts, read the Setting access rights in Kerio Connect article.

  7. New in Kerio Connect 9.2!

    To manage your Kerio Connect from the MyKerio cloud service, select Allow remote administration from MyKerio and click Next.

    To go to MyKerio immediately after you finish the wizard, select Open MyKerio and add this appliance...

    For more information about MyKerio, read Adding Kerio Connect to MyKerio.

  8. Set a directory for the message store and click Next.


    Kerio Connect verifies if you have enough free disk space available.

    For more information about the message store, read the Configuring data store in Kerio Connect article.

    The folder must be on a local disk. If you're using a virtual machine, define the disk as local.

  9. Register the product or continue without the registration. Click Next.

  10. Finish the wizard.

When you finish the wizard, log in to Kerio Connect administration using the administrator username and password from the wizard or log in to MyKerio.

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