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Configuring Microsoft Windows 8 Mail using Exchange ActiveSync


Kerio Connect 8.1 and above supports the ability to synchronize mail, contacts, and calendars to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

Beginning May 1, 2013, the support of Exchange ActiveSync in Kerio Connect is available as an add-on. For detailed information, read the Exchange ActiveSync FAQs.

Configuring Kerio Connect

There is no additional configuration necessary to support Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) from Microsoft Windows 8.

Check the following items:

  • Exchange ActiveSync add-on in Kerio Connect

  • HTTPS service running and port 443 open on your firewall

  • SSL certificate signed by a certification authority to simplify desktop configuration

Installing SSL certificate on your desktop

Users need to install a certificate if Kerio Connect uses a self-signed certificate.

  1. Go to the Kerio Connect client login page and click Integration with Windows.

  2. Click the Download SSL certificate link.


  3. Open the file and select Install the certificate.

  4. Select either the current user of local machine.

  5. Browse for the Certificate store and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

  6. Confirm.


Configuring Mail on Windows 8

Before you add an Exchange ActiveSync account, you must configure a Microsoft account (e.g. Hotmail, Windows Live, Outlook.com)

  1. In the Mail application, go to Settings → Accounts → Add an account.

  2. Select Outlook and Show more details.

  3. Fill in the information.

  4. Connect.


Now you can start using the Mail application and synchronize your Kerio Connect emails, contacts and calendars.

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