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Managing users in organizations


You can give other administrators the ability to manage one or more of your organizations and appliances. These users than can rename the organization, add and manage appliances, and add or remove users.

Adding users to MyKerio

To allow other administrators to manage all the appliances within an organization, you must send them an invitation. Once you have invited them, they receive an email inviting them to become part of your organization:

  1. Go to Organizations in MyKerio.

  2. Click   Image to invite a user.

  3. In the Invite User to Organization dialog box, type the user's email address.

    MyKerio sends an invitation email and the pending invitation appears in the list of users for the selected organization.

    Type the email address correctly. The person that receives the email will have administration rights to your appliances.

  4. The invited user receives the email (see below) and clicks Accept invitation to complete the invitation process.


Now you can see the new user in your MyKerio organization.

The invitations are valid for 7 days, expired invitations disappear from the list.

You can also resend and revoke the pending invitation.

Resending and revoking pending invitations

After you send an invitation to the organization, you can:

  • Click Image to resend the invitation email.

    Resending the invitation resets the expiration time of the invitation back to 7 days.

  • Click Image to revoke the pending invitation.

    Revoking the invitation disables any existing links in the invitations for the certain email address.

Deleting users from organizations

Click Image to delete a user from the displayed organization.

If you want to delete a user from all your organizations, you need to delete them from each organization separately.

Adding and managing organizations

For more information, see Adding and managing organizations.

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