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Receiving email notifications from MyKerio


For more information about notifications and alerts from Kerio Control sent via MyKerio notification service, see Sending alerts and notifications via MyKerio.

By default, MyKerio sends email notifications, for example, when:

  • An appliance in MyKerio goes online or offline.

    MyKerio notifies all users in the organization.

  • MyKerio needs a confirmation of your email address.

  • You are invited to an organization.

  • You are removed from an organization.

  • You reset your password in MyKerio.

Disabling email notifications

To disable email notifications from MyKerio:

  1. Log into MyKerio.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. In the User preferences dialog box, deselect the Receive email notifications from MyKerio option.

Disabling the option does not affect emails about resetting passwords, inviting users to organizations, and with confirmations of users' email addresses.

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