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MyKerio app for mobile devices


The MyKerio app is also designed for Apple Watch!

The MyKerio app monitors the appliances you have in MyKerio and notifies you of any status changes. You can:

  • Check the status of your appliances at any time.

  • Receive notifications if the status of any of your appliances changes.

  • View system errors or other critical events related to your appliances.

Download the MyKerio app from:

Get it on Google Play

MyKerio sends following notifications:

  • Update available

  • Low memory

  • Problem with mapped domain

  • Expiration of maintenance subscription or licence

  • Backup line active

  • Expiration of certificates

Using the MyKerio app on Apple Watch

To use the MyKerio app on Apple Watch, you must:

  • Pair your iPhone with Apple Watch

  • Download and install the MyKerio app

  • Display the app on Apple Watch

    On your iPhone, open the Watch app → MyKerio, and enable the Show App on Apple Watch option.

  • Log into the app on your iPhone


Displaying the appliance status

For more information, see the Displaying the appliance status section in the Managing Kerio Control appliances in MyKerio article


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