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Configuring Kerio Operator Softphone for mobile devices


Kerio Operator Softphone is a software phone client for Android and iOS. Kerio Operator Softphone works with Kerio Operator or any other SIP based VoIP service.

Kerio Operator Softphone supports auto-configuration with Kerio Operator.

Do not use wildcard certificates. Kerio Operator Softphone follows the RFC 5922 standard.

System requirements

For Kerio Operator Softphone system requirements, see the Kerio Operator product pages.

Installing Kerio Operator Softphone

You can install Kerio Operator Softphone from:

Configuring Kerio Operator Softphone

Contact your system administrator who must configure your account.

If you use an SSL certificate created by your Kerio Operator server, see Using the self-signed certificate from your Kerio Operator server.

  1. Tap the Kerio Operator Softphone icon on your device.

  2. In the Provisioning Url field, type the Kerio Operator domain name.

    Use the following format: https://address

  3. Type your Kerio Operator username and password.

    Use the same credentials as for the Kerio Operator Softphone interface.

  4. Tap Login.

The account is fully configured and you can make a call.

Login to Kerio Operator Softphone on your Apple iPhone or

Login to Kerio Operator Softphone on your Apple iPhone or Android

Using the self-signed certificate from your Kerio Operator server

If you use a self-signed certificate created in your Kerio Operator server, you must manually download and install the certificate on your device:

  1. In the browser on your device, go to Kerio Operator Softphone.

    For more information, see the Kerio Operator Softphone section in the Logging into Kerio Operator article.

  2. Tap Download SSL certificate.

    If the downloading fails, see the SSL certificate troubleshooting section.

  3. Install the SSL certificate.

You can then log into Kerio Operator Softphone.


SSL certificate troubleshooting

If the downloading of the SSL certificate fails:

  • Use the Firefox web browser to download the certificate.

  • Modify the URL for logging into Kerio Operator Softphone to the HTTP version.

    The format of the link is http://kerio_operator_hostname/server.cer

  • (Admins only) Use paid certificates signed by a certification authority.

Configuring mobile data network

By default, only Wi-Fi connection is allowed on mobile devices. If you want to use a mobile data network:

  1. In Kerio Operator Softphone, go to Settings → Preferences.

  2. In the Mobile Data Network section, allow Use When Available.

  3. In the same section, select the Allow VoIP Calls option.

You can now connect via a mobile data network.

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