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Upgrading Kerio Operator

Using update checker

Once you purchase Kerio Operator or extend your Software Maintenance, you are eligible to receive new versions of Kerio Operator and its components as soon as they are available.

Kerio Operator can automatically check new versions:

  1. In the administration interface, go to section Advanced Options → tab Update Checker.

  2. Select option Periodically check for new versions.

    Kerio Operator will check for updates every 24 hours.

    Once a new version is available, the Update Checker tab will display a link to the download page.

    For immediate check of new versions, click Check now.

  3. Select Download new versions automatically, if you want.

    You will be informed that a new version was downloaded in the administration interface.

  4. You can also select the Check also for beta versions option.

    If Kerio Operator is used in production, we do not recommend enabling this option.

  5. Click Apply.

Kerio Operator checks new versions.

Manually uploading a binary image file

This procedure might be useful for the following situations:

  • downgrade of Kerio Operator

  • upgrade to a custom version (e.g. beta version)

If you have prepared the upgrade image file, you can upload it manually:

  1. In the administration interface, go to section Advanced Options → tab Update Checker.

  2. Click the Upload binary image button.

  3. Select the upgrade image file (kerio-Operator-upgrade.img).

  4. Click the Open button.

    Wait for uploading the file.

  5. Click the Upgrade button.

    Wait for the upgrade and restart of Kerio Operator.

When the restart is finished, your Kerio Operator is up-to-date.

Upgrading with USB tools

In case that it is not possible to update Kerio Operator via the administration interface, Kerio Operator Box can be updated from a USB flashdisk. For more information, read the Kerio Operator Box — USB Tools article.

Upgrading Kerio Operator 1.1.3 and older

Older Kerio Operator versions cannot directly upgrade to the latest versions because of a limited file upload.

If you want to upgrade Kerio Operator version 1.1.3 and older, you must download and upgrade to Kerio Operator 1.2.0 that features no upload limit, and also fits the size limit of your current Kerio Operator version. Then check for the latest version directly in the administration:

  1. (Optional) Backup your Kerio Operator.

  2. Go to Advanced Options.

  3. In the Maximum webserver upload file size field, increase the upload limit to the maximum value.

  4. Restart Kerio Operator.

  5. Download Kerio Operator 1.2.0.

  6. Upgrade manually to Kerio Operator 1.2.0.

  7. Use the update checker to upgrade to the latest version.

At this point, Kerio Operator downloads and installs the latest version.

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