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Saving Kerio Operator configuration to MyKerio


New in Kerio Operator 2.5!

Kerio Operator can automatically back up and upload the configuration files to MyKerio every day.

Each backup can include:

  • Configuration files

  • Local voicemail data

  • System logs

  • Call history log

  • License

  • Recorded calls

  • Custom provisioning files /var/tftp

To configure backup to an FTP server instead, read the Saving configuration to FTP server article.

Saving configuration to MyKerio

Before you start, connect your Kerio Operator to MyKerio. For details, read Adding Kerio Operator to MyKerio.

Once Kerio Operator is connected to MyKerio:

  1. In the administration interface, go to Advanced Options → Backup and Recovery → Remote Backup.

  2. In Type, select MyKerio.

  3. Select Enable automatic daily backup.

  4. Set the starting time and the period.

  5. Click Apply.


Kerio Operator uploads configuration files once a day.

Restoring configuration from a backup

To learn how to restore your configuration from a backup, read the Backups in MyKerio article.

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