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Saving Kerio Operator configuration to FTP or local storage

Backup overview

Kerio Operator can back up system settings and data:

  • to an FTP server

  • to your local storage (the file can be downloaded from Kerio Operator)

  • to MyKerio

Kerio Operator can backup the following items:

  • System configuration — system settings, IVR (auto attendant scripts), users, logos, firmwares etc.

  • Local voicemail data — if you use integration with Kerio Connect, Kerio Operator sends voicemails via IMAP to Kerio Connect. These voicemails are not backed up.

  • SSL certificate — only an active SSL certificate is backed up.

  • System logs — all logs from the Logs section.

  • Call history log — all logs from the Status → Call History section.

  • License — a .key file with your licence.

  • Recorded calls — locally saved recorded calls.

    You can also back up recorded calls to a FTP server.

  • Custom provisioning files /var/tftp

Saving backups to an FTP server

  1. In the administration interface, go to section Integration → Remote Storage.

  2. Type a hostname of your FTP server

  3. Type a username and password if it is necessary.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Go to Advanced Options → Backup and Recovery.

  6. Change Type to FTP.

  7. Test the settings by clicking on the Backup on Remote Storage button.

  8. Select Enable automatic backup to remote storage.

  9. In the Start at field, specify the time at which backups should be performed.

  10. In the Period field, specify how often backups should be performed.

  11. Next to Content, click Edit and select content types for backup.

    By default, Kerio Operator backs up only a system configuration. Full backup (all items are selected) increases size of the backup.

  12. Save the settings.

Saving a single backup file

  1. Go to Advanced Options → Backup and Recovery.

  2. In the Backup section, click Download Backup File.

  3. Select a backup content.

    By default, Kerio Operator creates a full backup.

  4. Click Create Backup for Download.

  5. Click Download and save the file.

Recovering data from a backup

  1. Download a backup file from an FTP server or locally saved backup from your computer.

  2. In the administration interface, go to Advanced Options → Backup and Recovery.

  3. Click Upload Backup File.

  4. Select the file and upload the backup to Kerio Operator.

  5. When the Recovery dialog box appears, select the configuration and data for recovery.

  6. Click Recovery.

  7. A warning about restart appears, click OK.

After the restart, the backup recovery is complete.

After restoring from a backup, restart your browser in order to log back into the administration interface.

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