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Creating extensions

Extension overview

An extension is an internal telephone line. Each user can have assigned one or more extensions in Kerio Operator.

The total number of extensions is limited to three times the number of licensed users.

Service extensions configured on the PBX services tab are not counted by the license file.

Adding new extensions

You have three options to add a new extension:

  • An extension is created automatically when you connect a provisioned phone to the network.

  • You can create an extension in Configuration → Usersthe extension is assigned to a particular user.

  • Create an extension in Configuration → Extensions — the extension is created as standalone (without being assigned to a user).

Creating a standalone extension

If you have a phone which is not used by any particular user, you can create a standalone extension for it.

  1. In the administration interface, go to Configuration → Extensions.

  2. Click Add → Add Extension.

  3. Type an extension number.

    The field suggests an unused extension. You can change the extension number manually if necessary.

  4. Save the settings.

SIP username and SIP password

Each extension has a SIP username and a SIP password. Kerio Operator uses SIP usernames and SIP passwords for authentication of phones to Kerio Operator. You use SIP username/password for connecting softphones or hardware phones to Kerio Operator (read more in the Configuring multiple registration of an extension article).

SIP usernames/passwords cannot be used to login into Kerio Operator or Kerio Operator Softphone.

Using SIP username/password

  1. In the Kerio Operator administration interface, go to Configuration → Extensions.

  2. Select an extension and click Edit....

  3. In the Edit Extension dialog, you can see fields SIP username and SIP password.

  4. To display the SIP password, click the keys icon.

SIP username and SIP password

SIP username and SIP password

Now you can view the SIP username/password and use it for connecting a phone to Kerio Operator.

Encrypting calls

In Kerio Operator, you can encrypt your calls for any extensions.

  1. In the Kerio Operator administration interface, go to Configuration → Extensions.

  2. Select an extension and click Edit...

  3. Click the Advanced tab and select Encrypt communication (TLS and SRTP).

  4. Click OK.

Now Kerio Operator encrypts all calls for the selected extension.

For more information about security, see Securing Kerio Operator.

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