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Installing Kerio Operator Softphone for Windows, Mac and Linux


New in Kerio Operator 2.5!

Kerio Operator Softphone for Windows, Mac and Linux is a native desktop application for managing calls, voicemail messages and contacts.

You can install it on your computer and enjoy the same features as the browser-based application.

System requirements

Kerio Operator supports:

  • Mac OS X Yosemite and newer

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and newer

  • Ubuntu 16.04

  • Debian 8

Installing the application

  1. Go to the Kerio Operator download page.

  2. On the Clients tab, locate Kerio Operator Softphone application for Windows or Mac.

  3. Click Download.

  4. Run the installation.

  5. On Windows, click Run to install Kerio Operator Softphone.

    On Mac, drag the Kerio Operator Softphone icon into the Applications folder.

    On Linux, double-click the .deb file to install Kerio Operator Softphone.

You can also download Kerio Operator Softphone from the application page.

On the Kerio Operator Softphone for web login page, click Get tools and download the application.

Logging into Kerio Operator Softphone

For detailed information, see Logging into Kerio Operator Softphone.

Customizing the application

For detailed information, see Changing the theme.

Working with the application

The application has the same functions and features as the browser-based Kerio Operator Softphone. You can find additional information in Kerio Knowledge Base in the Kerio Operator Softphone section.

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